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Referring to the large picture below…
Top left – A18 $ 45.00. The old style “Scott’s bag” still in minor demand with old school SF Bay Area hands. Dimensions of the opening are roughly 7” tall X 7” wide X 3 and ˝” deep.
Top middle - A27 $41.00. Klein 42247. Nice all leather bag.
Top right - A30 $43.00. Klein 5125. Canvas bag with leather back and leather details
Center left - A14 $27.00. Klein 5416T. The classic tunnel loop canvas bag. Canvas bags are lighter than most leather bags but they do not last as long as leather bags.
Center right - Discontinued
Bottom right and left - A28 $37.00. Klein 5416TC. This is like the Klein 5416T; but it has the advantage of a draw string closure on the top. To the left you see the extra flap folded over. To the right you see it lying straight up.

ITEM # A18 $45.00; A27 $41.00; A30 $43.00; A14 $27.00; A28 $37.00