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A combination of Level/ Pliers/ Knipex/ Wrench. Think of it as an SC8 ( 2 plus 1 Concord tipple with a Wrench holder to the side or as an SC11 ( Level/ Pliers/ Wrench ) with a Knipex to the outside. Some love the convenience of 4 tools in one spot. Others think its too much weight in one spot. What do you think?
Due to popular demand in the Mid-West I now have a button for the "Chuck Style"Quad. The S15C features a triple metal reinforced Hammer Holder to the outside of the level/pliers/wrench holder instead of the knipex holder. Send an email to ask for a picture if you have not seen this in action.

ITEM # S15: $95.00
ITEM # S15C $105.00